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Marko Hoffman ha sido colaborador y un representante internacional de Comandos de Salvamento desde 1996.


Por la Seguridad, Ricardo Segura Chicas.

Ricardo Segura Chicas, a dear friend and volunteer of Comandos de Salvamento has passed away.

For decades, Segura, as he was known at our main base, wore the yellow uniform, giving firsthand coverage of accidents and natural disasters as a photojournalist. Leaving his job at Diario Colatino, Ricardo went to the headquarters of the Comandos as a volunteer and lead photographer.

He also took part of our motorcycle EMS response team and carried his camera for these events that included rescues and emergencies.

He hold his work in the highest regards and his service to our institution. He dedicated a good part of his time to the service of the community.

For more than a month, Ricardo presented health problems, for which he was admitted to a national hospital where yesterday afternoon he lost the battle and now rests in peace.

Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador, are in deep mourning for the death of this great man, who, on International Volunteer Day, was called to the presence of the Lord.

Strength be to his family, friends, colleagues from the national and international press, as well as the volunteer personnel of Comandos de Salvamento, who will miss forever miss his presence.


A sad Christmas for this great loss.
Ricardo with all of his friends at Diario Colatino.
Always willing to help the needy.
Ricardo Segura recieves his medal of honor as a volunteer in 2018.

CDS Participates in Los Angeles Salvadoran Independence Parade

Miembros de la Misión Internacional y socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador, con sede en Los Ángeles, California.

With great pride in country and culture, an international delegation of Comandos traveled to Los Angeles to meet with other veteran Comandos in order to participate in the Salvadoran Independence parade along Hollywood Blvd. Participants from El Salvador included Efraín Solís, Rosa Arrué y Luis Colato. They met with Comandos rep William Ruiz in Los Angeles.

They were applauded by the Salvadoran community who recognize the great effort that young volunteers have provided for many years, in earthquakes, hurricane disasters, floods, traffic accidents and during the armed conflict where they were nominated as “Anonymous Heroes” by international organizations.

Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador, encabezó el desfile de independencia en Los Ángeles.
William Ruiz, representante de la Misión Internacional.
Salvadoreños celebran la independencia patria.
Veteranos de Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador, radicados en Los Ángeles, California forman parte de la Misión Internacional a cargo de William Ruiz.
Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador fueron los encargados de portar la bandera salvadoreña.
Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador mostraron el trabajo que realizan desde hace 62 años.


Mother and daughter Victims of Terrible Accident

Madre e hija perdieron la vida en un aparatoso accidente de tránsito en Carretera de Santa Ana a San Salvador.

CDS attend to a traffic accident registered on kilometer 39 of the Pan-American Highway, where mother and daughter passed away in a terrible traffic accident.

María Concepción Orellana de Carpio, 89, and her daughter Ana Virginia Carpio de Landaverde, 59, originally from Metapán, were traveling to a medical appointment in San Salvador and had contracted the Uber service, but upon reaching Ciudad Maple, the car tire, came off its axle and the driver lost control, crashing into a tree.

Both women flew out of the car.  The driver was seriously injured, so he was taken to an emergency care center.  Rescuers from Comandos de Salvamento determined that both women had lost their lives instantly after the traumas they received.

Police authorities cordoned off the area to start the investigation of the road mishap that left the Carpio family in mourning with our rescuers offering critical emotional support.


Víctimas murieron instantáneamente debido a los traumas.