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Comandos de Salvamento is a Salvadoran humanitarian institution whose mission is to save the lives of people due to consequences of mother nature or of man, regardless of race, religion, or political creed.


To construct a systematic professional response of humanitarian aid during emergencies based on prevention, education, mitigation and quality control that generate structural changes in order to augment our work in Communities, Municipal Government, and the National Civilian Protection Agency.

The context of our work includes, but is not limited to: vehicular accidents, search and recovery,homicides,assaults, earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, fires, civil war (79-92), and community health and education.

Each year the Comandos de Salvamento improve their plans to help and work with the population. The Comandos have a fleet of ambulances to transport patients to different hospitals here in the city of San Salvador, and for various search and rescue needs; but due to the low supply of equipment for pre-hospital care, many of our bases in outlying areas outside the city do not have emergency vehicles and we depend on the local community for collaboration when necessary.

The main base of the Comandos de Salvamento has many detailed maps of the departments that are affected by natural disasters every year and we work on a national level in the preparation, prevention, and mitigation of natural disasters in communities that are near rivers, landslide zones, and in any other areas of the country that are in danger of natural disasters.

The Comandos de Salvamento have highly professional and trained personnel to attend whatever emergency situation that may arise. Each year, members and volunteers are trained in the following areas and disciplines:

* Water Rescue/Life guarding
* High Mountain Rescue and Rock Climbing
* Search and Rescue in Disaster Situations
* Basic and Advanced First-Aid
* Technical Emergency Medicine
* Coordination and Organization of Disaster Relief
* Damage Evaluation in Communities
* Community Leadership classes
* Preparation and Training in Hazardous and Toxic materials
* Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
* Vehicular Extrication

If your institution would like to help train our members in any of the fields listed above; please send us an email.

Salvadoran EMS, USAR and Community Health

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