EMS: MVA Extrication

El Salvador Extrication Comandos de Salvamento
Comando EMT "Meme" tries to calm the patient and assure airway.

An EMS crew from Comandos de Salvamento extricates 46yo David Rodríguez, a pedestrian who became trapped when a microbus crashed near a home located at Calle Concepción and 12 Av. in San Salvador on Saturday Septemper 19th. He was transported to the nearest hospital and presented gravely injured. The driver of the micro was detained by police at the scene.

Photodocu: Francisco Campos

Homenage to a Great Volunteer

69 yo Oscar Aquino Rosales a Comando that worked many years and saving lives during the civil war died this pasunday Sept. 13th due to a prolonged illness.

Oscar Aquino

During the 1980 Offensive in Ciudad Delgado, one of his sons, 19 yo Armando Aquino died in the line of dty in his yellow uniform.  Currently, his other son, Julio Edgardo is a delegate member of our Antiguo Cuscatlán base.  Oscar Aquino was a man that spent his life and that of his sons, to the human service of EMS and Search and Rescue with Comandos de Salvamento.

Two Emergencies


A man of about 45 years of age was ran over by a #21 route transit bus along the Juan Pablo II street and 14th Ave. N. in San Salvador on Sept 18th, 2009.  The patient presented gravely injured, unconscious and was transported to Rosales Hospital.  The driver was detained by the police due to the patient ambulating in a secure pedestrian zone.

Lisiado Accidente: El Salvador


Comandos de Salvamento help a woman who was injured during an accident in the Colonia Flor Blanca in San Salvador.  The crash caused high voltage powerlines to fall.  The Comandos stopped pedestrian traffic due to dangerous live wires and cables.

Bus contra los cables

Salvadoran Independence day

About fifty Comandos de Salvamento participated this last Tuesday the 15th, in the 188th anniversary of El Salvador’s independence.  During the festive event, there were no acute emergencies.  Later that afternoon, volunteers enjoyed a well deserved lunch.

CDS are present at events like these in order to be ready for whatever emergency occurs. This is only one of many examples where CDS supports Salvadorans by being presente and siempre pendiente.

Dia de Independencia 2009 El Salvador

Dia de Independencia 2009 El Salvador