Gunfight in Apopa

Baleado Apopa

A CDS EMS crew offers first aid to a bullet wound patient that resulted from a gunfight-“Balacera” north of San Salvador in Apopa.  The patient presented with three bullet wounds in various areas. Another person also was shot when unknown assailants attacked him. The patient was immediately transported to the closest ER with vitals being monitored.

Fotos: Ricardo Segura

Public Service

Comandos de Salvamento

CDS offers community support by transporting patients from their homes to a clinic, or from one hospital to another.  CDS accepts cash collaborative fees from patient family members or friends that are used to buy gas for the ambulances, and in some cases, meals for the EMS brigade that is doing the transport.  The person’s collaboration is tax exempt and they receive a receipt from the institution.

Fotos: Francisco Campos