MVA on Autopista de Oro

Comandos were present at a MVA located on autopista de Oro at Mile marker KM 18. at 12:05 pm todady.

The accident involved a grey Toyota HILUX and other truck.   Three people were injured and transfered to Molina Hospital.

-5 yo female with frontal cranial injury and right shoulder.
-60 yo male patient with frontal cranial injury and and lacerations on superior and inferior right side.
-27 yo female with frontal cranial and right shoulder injuries.

Rescue members present from Central Base San Salvador:

Carlos Fuentes, EMT Benamin Bonilla APAA,
Ricardo Leiva APAA (EMT Advanced)

Accidente de Transito

Donation from Wenatchee, Wa. USA

CDS would like to express its gratitude to nurse Damaris Aragon from Wenatchee Washington USA.


Damaris is a nurse working for Wenatchee Valley Medical Center and was able to collect and donate equipment such as gloves and needles for anesthesia that are currently being used in our walk in clinic.  Damaris knows the work and reality that we work in.

Surgical Technician, “Chilindrina”, using equipment donated by Wenatchee Valley Med Center out of Washington state USA.

Clinica Base Central

Salvadoran EMS, USAR and Community Health

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