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CDS responding to mental health needs.

Newborn Rescued

Comandos de Salvamento rescued a newborn infant then Doctors from the American Embassy in Santa Tecla did a physical exam to assure it’s safety and positive health. 

Comandos de Salvamento were dispatched to a newborn left in a cardboard box along the Blvd Orden de Malta, in the Urbanización Santa Elena, municipio of Antiguo Cuscatlán, Departament of La Libertad.

People overheard the infants cries and then notified the police and CDS who arrived shortly after to verify it was of good health.  The baby was not even 24 hrs old. After medical personnel from the U.S. Embassy assured the infant was stable, it was turned over to the Unidad de la familia dept of the National Civilian Police.

Turning the infant over to the police. .

Leadership Workshop

INSAFORP Lic. Pablo Caballero Pineda teaches about Leadership.

Lic. Pablo Caballero Pineda, of the Salvadoran Professional Leadership Agency (INSAFORP), was present at the base central to teach our volunteers about leadership focused on values and ethical principles.

Said workshop seeks to focus on righteousness, fairness, justice, integrity, honesty and trust within volunteers to create a solid foundation within any department of CDS that they are assigned to work in.

Lic. Pablo Caballero Pineda utilized group didactic work to put said information into practice.

More than 20 volunteers to part in the Workshop.
Workshops are an important and integral component of CDS growth.

CDS Youth Gender Equality Workshop

The CDS gender diversity brigade participated this day in increasing sensitivity about forms of harassment, violence and discrimination.

Specialist on social media gender issues Claudia Hernández  Focused on social transformation through understanding inherent rights and empowerment of every individual. Also present was Masters level in Sexual reproductive health, Carolina Morán who talked about gender violence and the rights of youth.

The purpose at said workgroups is to increase sensitivities in all CDS first responders and to increase knowledge within the institution as a whole.

(Texto y fotos de Comandos de Salvamento)