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Primer convivio de jóvenes socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador.

Authorities of the new Board of Directors of Comandos de Salvamento El Salvador, held the first gathering for the young rescuers as a form of gratitude despite the pandemic that the country is facing.

The young volunteers from Ciudad Arce, Tepecoyo, El Congo, Zapotitán, Santa Ana and Quezaltepeque, came together to share a time of healthy recreation and in this way thank all the effort they make to cover emergencies at the national level.

CDS  also thanked the companies and entities such as Pettenati, Topao, ODESSA, Muebles Encima and the City Hall of Ciudad Arce, for the support they provided so that this gathering would take place.

In addition, to Mr. Smelin Portillo and a Funeral Home, because in this way some prizes were awarded to the lifeguards, who others enjoyed sporting events and swimming in the recreational center where said gathering took place.

Rescue Commands presented plaques of recognition to the Pettenati company, American Park, Termos del Río and the Mayor of Ciudad Arce, Francisco Morán, for the contribution made during the emergency of the pandemic and the strengthening of the young rescuers.

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