CDS was dispatched to attend a bus accident this Tuesday afternoon at KM 13 along the Panamerican Highway near the lake Apulo exit.

Driver, 41yo Germán Joel Alvarado Benítez, was attended to and transported to a local hospital. The cause of the accident is unknown and resulted in a downed electrical pole and impact with a parked vehicle.

Our EMS staff also supported the following passengers of the bus and were transported to higher level of care: 79yo Salvador Enrique Andino,  68yo Ana María Andino, 65yo Eduardo Marino Constanza, nd 53yo Francisco Velázquez Velasco.

Varios lesionados dejó el accidente de bus.



This past November, a group called the Successful Women “Mujeres Exitosas” of New York arrived to help some children in the Eastern part of the country and Comandos de Salvamento acted as the cultural bridge to help them. From that a relationship was born between lieutenant Juan Gutierrez and Captain Nelson Rivas of the New York World Fire Fighter Academy and Ramona Torres y Mayra Rivera,of Mujeres Exitosas.

This has resulted in the New York group to collaborate with the Mission of Comandos de Salvamento in possible future donations of an ambulance and rescue equipment for extrications.

CDS has offered support to El Salvador for over 60 years and looks forward to this new relationship.

Academia Mundial de Bomberos de Nueva York ayuda a Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador.

1 DOA and 2 Injured in Comalapa

CDS arrived on scene to a female DOA and extricated 2 others that were trapped in a vehicle after it had crashed on the freeway to the International airport.

According to the driver, the passenger that expired had just left Rosales hospital and was heading home to La Paz. He also reported one of the tires had become flat causing loss of control of the vehicle around KM marker 13.

The team used hydraulic equipment to extricate the survivors, then packaged and secured them for transport to higher level of care. Forensic medicine attended to the deceased female.

The driver with stable vitals, is supported by Edgar Johnny Ramos from CDS  and Red Cross,

Passenger Extricated from Microbus


Our CDS Urban Rescue Squad responded to an accident which involved a route 42B Microbus collision. The incident involved an extrication of an injured female patient who was stabilized and transported to higher level of care. Led by Veteran Comando and Extrication expert Edgar Jhonny Ramos, the squad utilized Jaws of Life and other Hurst pneumatic tools provided by Washington State’s PXTEAM out of Puyallup. Others injured were also transported to local emergency departments.

First Accident of the New Year 2022

Our Comandos de Salvamento Urban Rescue Squad attended a terrible accident near Blvd del ejercito stop light near the women’s prison where two victims had to be extricated with our HURT pneumatic equipment. Both survived but appeared to be under the influence.  Both males in their mid 20s were secured, packaged and then transported to the San Bartolo hospital for higher level of care.

Various MVA’s Today

CDS First Responders from Antiguo Cuscatlán attended to two patients who were involved in a crash on their motorcycles in Colonia Santa Elena. Both were secured and transported to higher level of care.

Also, early this morning, a semi truck that was traveling from San Juan Opico to the eastern part of the country and hit another truck that was transporting several people causing multiple injuries. They were on their way to cut sugarcane on the steps of the volcano.

Other responders from CDS Quezatepeque were dispatched to help more patients that suffered multiple injuries when they were victims of a hit and run by a truck that fled the scene. Seven patients were treated and immediately transported.

Immediate first aid offered on scene of one of the accidents.

Salvadoran EMS, USAR and Community Health

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