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The Comandos de Salvamento offer services in a variety of areas which include Social Activities, Ambulance service, Mountain Search and Rescue, Lifeguarding, Medical Consultation Clinic, Emergency Clinic and Health Brigades.

Social Activities

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The Social Activities area of Comandos de Salvamento is an area of public service when the institution covers social events where there is a large number of people.  The Comandos de Salvamento give medical assistance to those with injuries or sickness during public manifestations, voting, public holidays, parades, sporting events, and musical or cultural events.   Help is also offered to families that are looking for missing friends or family members during such events.  If your group is making a trip to the beach or tourist center of El Salvador, we can also send lifeguards to stand watch over the event.   Our services for public events can be solicited by a written letter to the main base of the Comandos de Salvamento.  For more information, contact us by email or telephone.

Medical Consultation Clinic

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The creation of the walk-in Medical Consultation Clinic has been an important public service for those who cannot afford hospital care or a medical doctor for treatment.  The Comandos offer consultations in the following areas: General Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Orthodontistry, Respiratory Therapy, Family Planning, and Childhood Growth/Development.  A laboratory is also utilized to conduct blood, urine, fecal, and H.I.V. exams.

Emergency Walk in Clinic

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Right next to the Consultation clinic is the walk-in Emergency Clinic.  The Emergency Clinic is in charge of patients that have been injured for one reason or another by common injuries, family violence, gang fights, street violence, or traffic accidents, but do not require hospital care.  The Comandos de Salvamento determine if the patient deserves hospital medical attention, and if so the patient is transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital.   Otherwise the patients undergo minor surgery and first -aid care, which would include, suturing, cleaning and bandaging of wounds, injections, and/or I.V. application for dehydrated patients.  Due to the high level of trauma patients in San Salvador; the Comandos Emergency Clinic helps to decongest hospitals that also work very hard to give medical attention.  Weekends are an extremely high volume time for walk in patients.

Ambulance Service

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The Comandos de Salvamento Ambulance service covers most of San Salvador.  We receive Emergency calls through the PNC (National Civilian Police,) COEN (National Emergency Service Committee,) Civilian Defense, or directly by C.B., or telephone.  Emergencies covered are traffic Accidents, gunshots, stabbings, assaults, burn victims, intoxications, fractures, pregnancies, or common illnesses.

Motor Vehicle Extrication


Our urban search and recovery unit, the “UDR” is specialized in helping extract victims and patients from motor vehicle accidents. The team has been trained by the San Diego Fire and PXTeam out of Puyallup Washington and is grateful to these groups for conveying their knowledge and expertise to CDS.

Mountain and Urban Search and Rescue

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Our members are specialized in Search and Recovery of people in Mountains, Rivers, and confined spaces.  Volunteers are trained at the main base and by having practical experience at the Puerto del Diablo outside San Salvador where there are many areas to practice their dexterity in patient ascent and descent rappelling.  In case of natural disasters such as flooding or earthquakes; the Comandos de Salvamento coordinate with the C.O.E.N. (National Emergency Committee) and National Civilian Defense Agency to offer collaborative services during such events alongside the National Fire Department, Red Cross, and the Salvadoran Air Force.


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In this area the Comandos have a specific “aquatico” rescue school where Volunteers receive training in water rescue and First Aid that maintains them in constant preparation.  The Comando lifeguards covers different events at national beaches, lakes rivers, tourist areas where the presence of life guards assures public safety.  Comando lifeguard work rises during National vacations and holidays such as Easter Week (Semana Santa), August Vacation, Christmas Vacation, and New Years.  Many times we collaborate with the Salvadoran Air Force and its Huey Helicopters in deep water rescues and recoveries.  If you or your institution need our services of lifeguarding due to excursions to the beach,  please communicate with us by email or telephone for more information.

Health Brigades

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Comandos de Salvamento health brigades are composed of Doctors, Nurses, and EMTs.  These brigades are in charge of bringing assistance to communities that are affected by disasters such as Drought, Flooding, Earthquakes, etc.  They offer help to these areas during and after the disaster making sure that medical needs are being met.  One of the main areas of the country that the Brigades work in is to 78 communities in Bajo Lempa Usultán, and San Vicente.

Health Brigades in the Community of Bajo Lempa

Since 1995 the Comandos de Salvamento have been working with the communities of Bajo Lempa in the southern part of the Usulutan and San Vicente Departments.  Most of these communities are agricultural based where there is extreme poverty and risk for medical problems due to natural disasters in the area is high.  The Comandos presence there is to educate community leaders in the prevention of disasters and lower the effect of flooding in these areas.  They also perform medical consultations and work with local health promoters to distribute basic medicines.

Due to Hurricane Andrew that resulted in a variety of losses for this community, The Comandos de Salvamento, collaborating with community leaders, started to implement a Local Emergency Plan for the Communities of Bajo Lempa.  Classes on First Aid, prevention of disasters, have been taught in the community of Mata de Piña to La isla de Mendez.  These programs have been financed by ACSUR LAS SEGOVIAS and APN.  Health Brigades have also worked in Bahia de Jiquilisco to prevent the transmission of Dengue in the region by Fumigation Campaigns. From 2000 and on, Health Brigades take place throughout the country.

Salvadoran EMS, USAR and Community Health

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