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José Ernesto Ramos Sabrían during our 60th anniversary celebration.

José Ernesto Ramos Sabrían, the most famous CDS veteran and teacher of generations of lifeguards and lifeguards with more than 45 years of volunteer service, died the night between December 22 and 23 2020 at his home in Soyapango, his family reported.

Ramos has worked in emergencies since Hurricane Fi-Fi, storms, earthquakes, and the Montebello landslide. He was a member of the Board of Directors multiple times, chief of brigades, chief of instructors. During our 60th anniversary on September 30, a small tribute was made in which a jacket was placed with the emblems of all the specialties in which Comandos are trained, among them being rescue in all aspects including = Emergency Medical Technician , Vertical High Angle, Vehicle, Trepi Flood, Collapsed Structures Aquatic, and rescues at sea. Ramos was a specialist in all the above items mentioned.

The Press Department, the Board of Directors and the Executive Directorate mourn the death of such a valued member and wish him to enjoy heavenly mercy. CDS 60 YEARS!


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