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Tool for extrications


Rescuers from Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador assist an injured person.

Two women, traveling with other colleagues from a telephone company, suffered injuries in different parts of their bodies after being trapped among the twisted iron of the vehicle they were traveling in with 5 other people, following a collision with the rear of a microbus unloading passengers.

This incident occurred around eight in the morning on the Army Boulevard at kilometer 9 near the Social Security Institute of Ilopango.

According to the report, the driver of the unit transporting employees of the telephone company failed to stop and collided with the rear of the microbus unloading passengers in the area.

Units from Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador, using hydraulic equipment, managed to free the women who were traveling in the front seat alongside the driver, who was unharmed. The first victims who were traveling in the back of the telephone unit were assisted by a Social Security ambulance passing through the accident site.

The women who were trapped were identified as Alexandra Palacios, 27, and Jaquelin Navas, 20, both promoters, and were admitted to the Social Security Institute of Ilopango.

Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador transports one of the two trapped women.

Passenger Extricated from Microbus


Our CDS Urban Rescue Squad responded to an accident which involved a route 42B Microbus collision. The incident involved an extrication of an injured female patient who was stabilized and transported to higher level of care. Led by Veteran Comando and Extrication expert Edgar Jhonny Ramos, the squad utilized Jaws of Life and other Hurst pneumatic tools provided by Washington State’s PXTEAM out of Puyallup. Others injured were also transported to local emergency departments.

DOA and Injured in Multiple MVAs

Various Motor Vehicle Accidents took place today the first being Comandos de Salvamento de Zapotitán reporting they attended a young male involved in a fatal motorcycle accident at the turn of towards San Juan Opico.

The scene in San Juan Opico.

Another three patients were attended to and transported to higher level of care that involved the CAM ) Cuerpo de Agentes Metropolitano) from Antiguo Cuscatlán when a driver under the influence crashed into CAM’s vehicle. Both drivers were secured and transported. The incident took place at 2:30 am this Sunday along Calle Antiguo a Ferrocarril de Antiguo Cuscatlán

CDS responding to the injured CAM officer.

CDS Urban Rescue squad attended an extrication when a truck crashed into a bus. This accident took place along the Panamerican Highway near the Colonia La Palma de San Martin.

Our Extrication Specialists on scene in San Martin.

Another MVA

Attending EMS providers in the back of the ambulance.

2 people were injured during an MVA that took place along the highway to the international airport at the overpass of Santo Tomas. EMS providers intervened to assist the injured and transported them to local hospitals after rescuing them from their car that had fallen over a small embankment.


The injured reported, “imperfect mechanical problems,” as the cause of the accident.

El automotor cayó a una pequeña barranca