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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident


CDS responded to an emergency where according to witnesses, a car had ran a stop light crashing into a motorcycle. The young patient was stabilized, secured and transported to higher level of care. The event took place in front of the Centenario Park along Ave. Juan Pablo.


Passenger Extricated from Microbus


Our CDS Urban Rescue Squad responded to an accident which involved a route 42B Microbus collision. The incident involved an extrication of an injured female patient who was stabilized and transported to higher level of care. Led by Veteran Comando and Extrication expert Edgar Jhonny Ramos, the squad utilized Jaws of Life and other Hurst pneumatic tools provided by Washington State’s PXTEAM out of Puyallup. Others injured were also transported to local emergency departments.

First Accident of the New Year 2022

Our Comandos de Salvamento Urban Rescue Squad attended a terrible accident near Blvd del ejercito stop light near the women’s prison where two victims had to be extricated with our HURT pneumatic equipment. Both survived but appeared to be under the influence.  Both males in their mid 20s were secured, packaged and then transported to the San Bartolo hospital for higher level of care.