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Tropical Storm 🌀Imminent Danger

Tree removal on the roads.
Comandos de Salvamento collaborates in the removal of fallen trees.

Authorities of Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador have requested their volunteers to remain vigilant during this red alert declared by the General Directorate of Civil Protection as the rains will not disappear in the coming days due to the potential of Cyclone One, located in the Gulf of Mexico and generating humidity and rain in the country.

This puts vulnerable areas at risk, with landslides and rising rivers and streams due to water accumulation from previous days.

For this reason, Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador accompanies Civil Protection commissions to various communities to request at-risk individuals to evacuate to shelters that have been set up and are fully equipped.

This morning, Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador, in coordination with Civil Protection, evacuated some families living along the Acelhuate River in the Nuevo Israel Community sector in San Salvador.

Additionally, people were evacuated in Cantón Zapote Arriba, in Ayutuxtepeque, where they were taken to the shelter in Colonia Santísima Trinidad in Mejicanos.

The rescuers of Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador in Zacatecoluca took a dog and her puppies to a shelter in San Juan Nonualco.

Roberto Cruz, Executive Director of Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador, has requested his volunteers to take protective measures when entering high-risk areas and to ensure safety measures with electrical cables for the crews that cooperate in tree removals.

Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador provides its emergency number 2133-0000 to handle emergencies.

Dogs to the shelters.
They also deserve to go to safe places.
Some homes have been damaged during these rains.
Children to the shelters.
People from Cantón Zapote Arriba are being kept safe.
Authorities have set up shelters.
Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador collaborates in the preventive evacuation.

CDS Participates in Los Angeles Salvadoran Independence Parade

Miembros de la Misión Internacional y socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador, con sede en Los Ángeles, California.

With great pride in country and culture, an international delegation of Comandos traveled to Los Angeles to meet with other veteran Comandos in order to participate in the Salvadoran Independence parade along Hollywood Blvd. Participants from El Salvador included Efraín Solís, Rosa Arrué y Luis Colato. They met with Comandos rep William Ruiz in Los Angeles.

They were applauded by the Salvadoran community who recognize the great effort that young volunteers have provided for many years, in earthquakes, hurricane disasters, floods, traffic accidents and during the armed conflict where they were nominated as “Anonymous Heroes” by international organizations.

Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador, encabezó el desfile de independencia en Los Ángeles.
William Ruiz, representante de la Misión Internacional.
Salvadoreños celebran la independencia patria.
Veteranos de Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador, radicados en Los Ángeles, California forman parte de la Misión Internacional a cargo de William Ruiz.
Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador fueron los encargados de portar la bandera salvadoreña.
Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador mostraron el trabajo que realizan desde hace 62 años.



Alcalde de Nejapa, Adolfo Rivas Barrios,awarding equipment to our team.

Today the mayor of Nejapa honoed the work of all the volunteers of Comandos de Salvamento that took place when we helped recover victims from the landslide last October 29th 2020. This had taken place in the cantones of Los Angelitos 1 and 2 leaving in it’s destructive path 10 victims and one disappeared.

For the Mayor, Adolfo Rivas Barrios, the performance of each volunteer left evidence of the great love for others that these young people have, under the direction of Alex Torres,who worked 24 straight days during the operation.

It is worth mentioning that without resources or equipment, harder work was done to locate the bodies of the people who had been dragged by the landslide that left the two small villages desolate. It is admirable the effort that these young people gave by going through and looking for the body of Mr. Miguel Maldonado.

The Nejapa Municipal Council also donated rescue equipment, stretchers, ropes, shovels, picks and other implements, an economic incentive to 15 rescuers who day by day gave their time for the rescue work in the landslide.

15rescue worker volunteers received some economic assistance for their enduring work at the landslide.
Delegado Saul Torres y Director Ejecutivo Roberto Cruz offer their gratitude.
Nejapa mayor, Adolfo Rivas Barrios.


Empresas DelyComida SV y Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador handing out food to the homeless.

CDS not only responded to emergencies on December 31st and early morning of January 1, 2021. CDS also collaborated with DelyComida SV Company, who opened their hearts to present an exquisite dinner to homeless people in the vicinity of Parque Libertad in San Salvador.

Inside an ambulance, the Rescue Commandos transported containers of food for about a hundred people who do not have a roof to sleep under and whose nightly refuge is under the portals of La Dalia in Parque Libertad.

Women with children in their arms, the elderly and young people obtained an excellent New Year’s Eve dinner that was financed by the DelyComida SV Company who made available part of their time and products that were shared with those in need.

The people who benefited from the food thanked the representatives of DelyComida SV and CDS for the noble gesture that made them enjoy a good farewell meal of the year.

100 meals were given away.


Landslide in Nejapa. A Mass Casualty Incident.

Since this last Thursday night, more than 100 of our volunteers have been currently recovering victims from a landslide that covered homes in Nejapa north of San Salvador in the  neighborhoods of Los Angelitos 1 and 2 . 9 bodies have so far been recovered  of around 30 that are missing.  We are working side by side with family members, Red Cross, National Firefighters in coordination with the National Response Emergency System .

Families affected have been sheltered in the polideportivo and also local churches .  Donations acquired by CDS are being coordinated by our staff in order to bring clothes, food, and disposable diapers for babies.

Comandos will continue over the next days to continue searching for the missing.

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