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Recent CDS emergencies taking place due to flooding.

A neighbor in Las Mercedes neighborhood of Mejicanos cleans off flooded debri from a community bridge that resulted frompounding rains that hit the capital. Foto LPG


The Garcia Family=4 Adults y 2 Children
The  Brizuela Family=3 Adults y 3 Children
The  Merino Family= 5Adults and 2 Children

There are also cars trapped in the floods at 5ª Ave. north with people inside as of 6:15PM.

At least 38 families were evacuated in the early hours of Monday morning due to the strong rains that pounded the capital since Sunday night.  35 families in the neighborhoods of Elisa and Mejicanos were transported to the youth community home in this municipal to offer safety and shelter.

CDS recently helped families relocate from the Apopa community San Francisco, and also the smaller neighborhoods of Elisa and Las Mercedes in Mejicanos.

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