Solidarity Inherited

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Thirteen year old Alcides Altimirano and fourteen year old Luis Juarez are Volunteer Comandos whose physical abilities and EMS knowledge were put to the test during this last natural disaster that was caused by flooding rains. Alcides and Luis first worked in rescuing those affected from landslides in various isolated communities. They then went to the department of San Vicente to recover cadavers buried in the small town of Verapaz. After wards, they prepared food and clothing to be given out to refugees of displaced communities in shelters.

Both Luis and Alcides are children of veteran Comandos inheriting the spirit of solidarity that their parents have instilled in them. Luis is son of Claudia Altamirano and Alcides is son of Manuel Juares. Both Claudia and Manuel have over ten years of service with Comandos de Salvamento.  They also are studying full time while helping their fellow Salvadorans.

Comando Claudia Altamirano  and her son 13yo José Alcides. “He likes Humanitarian work and I don’t bring him necesarrily to follow my example, it is important that he has volunteer service experience.”

Manuel y Hijo

Manuel Juarez and his child José Luis. “As a father I don’t want him to to get bad influences from the street, I have him safe here and he helps those in need“.

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