Gunfight Ends International Student Trip

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U.S. students and specialists from the University of Des Moines Global Health program who had been participating for three days with personnel of CDS, left the country on Thursday the 19th following a shootout in which one child and a gang member died.

The incident occurred at 3:35 pm a few meters from where the health brigade consults were taking place, in San Bartolo, Ilopango.

According to police, apparently some people that appeared to be gang members came to kill 16 yo Julio Palacios. Two stray bullets killed 10 yo child Jorge Alberto Figueroa, 10, who was in a soccer field at a nearby school and injured another child named, “Steven”, who was attending the health consult. According to Dr. Luis Delgado of CDS, the foreign visitors notified their authority figures at Drake University in Des Moines Iowa.

“We were informed that they left between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning (yesterday), it is a pity because they are bringing back with them a bad impression of our country. The health brigade consults were scheduled to end on Saturday”, said Delgado. There were a total of eighteen students and five experts who participated for two days giving consults in Alegría, Usulután and La Herradura (La Paz).

Moreover, the Director of Education Department of San Salvador, Bartolome Gil lamented the death of the child Jorge Figueroa, a student of Centro Escolar San Bartolo. He also demanded the police to make greater efforts to provide greater surveillance and security. Comandos de Salvamento, and students themselves transported those afflicted with gunshots to surrounding hospitals.

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