Snake Bite!

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A CDS EMT attends to a man bitten by a snake in a small village at the base of the San Salvador Volcano on July 9th 2009. The patient was transported to Zacamil hospital where he was attended to in the Emergency room.

Snake Bite San Salvador
Comando atiende a paciente. Foto: Comandos de Salvamento

2 thoughts on “Snake Bite!”

  1. Quisiera saber a quien le puedo preguntar informacion sobre una serpiente, porque en el jardin de mi casa encontre un falso coral, pero quisiera saber si era macho o hembra, si tenia crias o no, si pueden haber mas, si es venenoso o no, etc.

    Who would I talk to about a snake I have in the garden of my house, I think it’s a false coral snake, but I would like to know if its male or female, if it has offspring or not, or even poisonous.

    1. Eduardo, te recomendamos que llama a un veterinario con tales preguntas y tener cuidado a la misma vez.

      We reccomend that you call a vet with these questions and be careful at the same time.

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