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CDS was dispatched to attend a bus accident this Tuesday afternoon at KM 13 along the Panamerican Highway near the lake Apulo exit.

Driver, 41yo Germán Joel Alvarado Benítez, was attended to and transported to a local hospital. The cause of the accident is unknown and resulted in a downed electrical pole and impact with a parked vehicle.

Our EMS staff also supported the following passengers of the bus and were transported to higher level of care: 79yo Salvador Enrique Andino,  68yo Ana María Andino, 65yo Eduardo Marino Constanza, nd 53yo Francisco Velázquez Velasco.

Varios lesionados dejó el accidente de bus.

Motorcycle Accident


CDS responded to an emergency where according to witnesses, a car had ran a stop light crashing into a motorcycle. The young patient was stabilized, secured and transported to higher level of care. The event took place in front of the Centenario Park along Ave. Juan Pablo.


Various MVA’s Today

CDS First Responders from Antiguo Cuscatlán attended to two patients who were involved in a crash on their motorcycles in Colonia Santa Elena. Both were secured and transported to higher level of care.

Also, early this morning, a semi truck that was traveling from San Juan Opico to the eastern part of the country and hit another truck that was transporting several people causing multiple injuries. They were on their way to cut sugarcane on the steps of the volcano.

Other responders from CDS Quezatepeque were dispatched to help more patients that suffered multiple injuries when they were victims of a hit and run by a truck that fled the scene. Seven patients were treated and immediately transported.

Immediate first aid offered on scene of one of the accidents.


Speeding, distracted driving and not abiding by traffic signs have caused an increase in MVAs throughout the country. The main locations have been along the Panamerican, Troncal del Norte, and the Gold highways within and outside San Salvador.

At 6am today a bus collided with a semi truck on the Quetzaltepeque highway north of San Salvador. This resulted in 7 injured patients  who were transported to the nearby hospitals.

Bus collision at 5:45 am.

Along the Alameda Juan Pablo II and la 20ª. Avenida Norte a motorcyclist hit a geriatric female who was stabilized in scene then transported.

CDS Apopa also dispatched a team to attend to another bus accident that crashed at high speed resulting in various injured and thankfully no DOAs. All patients were stable and transported to higher level of care .

At Cantón Zapotitán, caserío El Güineo, in El Congo, a driver of a Agriculture government vehicle lost control going over the edge of the highway .  Three occupants were supported with basic life support.

Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento atienen a víctimas del accidente en Zapotitán.
Patients supported on scene at Troncal del Norte.


Comandos de Antigua Cuscatlán attend an accident at Bulevar Luis Poma.

During the month of January 2021, CDS attended many tragic traffic accidents throughout the country. On average CDS attended to an average of five per day.  The National Transit Authority has reported more than five accidents involving motorcycles during the first five days of January.

This last Thursday morning, the Antiguo Cuscatlán CDS base dispatched a team to respond to an accident at el Blvd. Luis Poma where a car had crashed into another vehicle and then hit an electrical pole resulting in two injured. The patients were stabilized and transported to San Rafael Hospital in Santa Tecla.

Only hours later at km marker 2.5 along the Comalapa highway, a 27yo motorcyclist presented with shoulder and lower extremity injuries after being affected by a hit and run. Said patient was secured and transported to higher level of care at the nearest Social Security Hospital.



That same early morning along the Apopa highway towards Nejapa, two motorcycles got into a head on collision involving a 43yo male presenting with a fractured lower right leg and a 21yo male presenting with a clavícula and lower extremity trauma. Both were stabilized on scene and transported to higher level of care.

First Responders attend to one patient of the two motorcycle head on collision.

Also, in the interior part of the country, CDS of Berlín assisted a 23yo female who presented with pelvic trauma after colliding with another vehicle in the Dept. of Usulután.


Comandos de Salvamento evacuate 20 people due to flooding.

Comandos de Salvamento y Policía Nacional Civil of  Tepecoyo, La Libertad, evacuated more than 20 people from  Cantón Los Alpes, Asentamiento EL Refugio due to heavy rains that have hit the area over the last couple of hours due to the tropical storms that have come up from Nicaragua. The elderly, women and children were taken to a makeshift shelter at the Tepecoyo school which local authorities had set up.

The National Emergency system contacted CDS volunteers and outlying bases to be on standby over the next few days.


Comandos de Salvamento of Alegría, were alerted about the high that caused damage to many houses in Barrio El Calvario and Caserío Potrerío, Cantón Quebracho, de Alegría, Departamento of Usulután

Fallen trees also block the highway from Alegria to Berlin and other neighborhood access roads. Comandos collaborated with Civil Municipal Protection teams to assist the public.

MCI MVA with 2 DOA

CDS responded to an Mass Casualty Incident MVA that involved a bus and a car along KM 28 along the Pan-american Highway where a female and minor were DOA and others with multiple injuries. The incident took place near Santa Cruz Michapa in  Cuscatlán.

CDS did what they could to secure, triage and securely package the injured and supported forensics in identifying the deceased.

Attending to multiple patients.