Comandos Divided by Soccer at the Central Base!

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Celebración Fregón2
Comando "Cocol", celebrates team Milan's third goal against comando fans of Real Madrid.

The Main Base of CDS is finding itself divided.  Some CDS staff are with team Barcelona, but others are on Real Madrid’s side.  The problem is that these two top teams of the Spanish League lost the championship.  Team El barca lost 2-1 against team Ruso Rubin Kasan, and Real Madrid lost against Milan 3-2 on this last Tuesday and Wednesday.

Watching soccer games on T.V. is like an oasis of entertainment as they passionately celebrate goals  and make fun of the losing team. This is one of the few pleasures that volunteers at the Central Base have while taking a break from daily EMS runs in a country that is victim of much violence and pain while El Salvador benefits from the help these volunteers give freely.

Celebración Fregón
Comando "Peatón" celebrates in front of the losers of the game.

Fotos: Francisco Campos

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