Careless Accidents

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Accidentes Descuidos
22 year old Eduardo Martínez, was talking on his cell phone when he crashed according to police.
Many accidents are caused from careless actions of drivers in El Salvador as in other parts of the world. The most common causes are drunk driving, chatting or talking via cell phone, driving at high speeds or while tired.  On October 23rd, two drivers were gravely injured due to these same causes. Because of this, one of mottos the Comandos use is “Daddy drive safely, we are waiting for you at home”. This is a strong cultural metaphor to impress the importance of drivers to be safe since Salvadorans are very “pegados” and interdependent within their families. The saying is, “Papito maneja con cuidado, te esperamos en casa”.
Accidentes Descuidos
Juan Antonio M. resulto herido al volcar su camión de bebidas gaseosas. Según informes policiales, el motorista se durmió por cansancio.

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