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Internacionalista y Comandos

Andrés Marín is a doctor that spends his yearly vacations as a volunteer for CDS. This year his stay lasted from the 11th to the 24th of January. He brought CDS donations to help with Emergency runs and educational classes. His role included acting as educational EMS and First Aid instructor to staff and participating in various ambulance runs. CDS would like to thank Andres for his collaborative efforts to help the Salvadoran people and are hoping for his prompt return.

Photo Essay:

Stabbed in the chest, the arm, and leg, a young patient endures treatment after not giving up his cell phone to thieves in Ciudad Delgado, San Salvador.

Foto Credit: Francisco Campos

One thought on “Comando Internacionalista”

  1. Es admirable que personas como el Doctor Andres Marin, de su tiempo y esfuerzo a personas de otro pais, cuando nosotros somos a veces indiferentes al dolor de nuestro mismo pueblo. Que Dios lo bendiga por su noble labor y gracias.

    It is admirable that people like Doctor Andres Marin give their time and energy to other people in other countries when we ourselves are indifferent to the pain of our own.
    May God bless you for your noble cause and thanks.

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