Muere Veterano Comando

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A veteran of Comandos de Salvamento passed away on March 31st at 71 years of age. His name was José Natividad de la O Rodríguez, better known as “Don Nati” and was the founder of the Affiliate base of CDS in the community of Iberia in eastern San Salvador.


His daughters and son in laws were influenced by him within the culture of grassroots EMS and healthcare and they continue to serve with Comandos de Salvamento. His spirit of volunteerism and passion for his work was passed down to his children and are etched in the memory of CDS forever. All volunteers, delegates and the board of CDS gives tribute and a salute of respect and admiration for Don Nati. -Siempre Pendiente Fotos: CDS Archive

One thought on “Muere Veterano Comando”

  1. Bueno mi abuelo fue una persona q siempre le gusto hacer bien las cosas y desinteresadamete, siempre lo voy a recordar por todo lo que me enseño. gracias por publicar esto …….

    My Grandfather was a person that did all things with a selfless spirit and did them well, I will always remember him for all that he taught me.
    thanks for publishing this…….

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