Walk in Clinic: Consults and Suturing

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Many of our patients are not only served through EMS/SAR yet also through medical consultations, and basic suturing/first aid in our Emergency Walk in clinic in San Salvador.  This helps bigger congested Emergency Rooms in San Salvador attend to critical patients during national holidays such as Holy Week.  Comandos de Salvamento Doctor Margarita Menjivar de Orellana presents a portrait of this work at the walk in clinic, Central Base this last weekend.

consulta de osea

Pictured here is Doctor Gomez from the pharmeceutical labs MK (Maquensson) realizing one of these bone measures on the wrist with a patient. In order to offer preventive health care to men over 40 and woman over 35, of who all seem to be lovers of coffee and soda, and do not like lactate products, every three months we offer consults to educate and measure bone density (the amount of calcium present).  This helps prevent Osteoporosis, because once one has it, it can cause bone fractures from just walking, laying down, or even turning over in bed. It is an illness that does not always present with pain in the majority of cases.

Chilindrina en la base central

This young patient of 24 years of age, mother of three children, aledged to use drugs, has tried to commit suicide for the second time.  She was attended to in the small surgery room of the walk in clinic at Base Central with first aid and psychosocial support.

Long time experienced veteran Comando medic Rosa Maria Galvez is suturing the injury after cleaning the site, and assuring integrity of the arteries and veins.

Chilindrina en la base central


Fotos: Dra. Margarita


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