Baby Born Too Quick!

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A proud veteran EMS Comando attends his first birth.

El Salvador is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and it’s very difficult to not see a pregnant Salvadoran on every corner. After witnessing alot of death and destruction attending to multiple MVAs over the last few weeks, the institution of CDS takes great pride in participating in an emergency that resulted in life. 31 yo Claudia Veronica Diaz gave birth at home in the neighborhood of La Colonia Elisa, near the Troncal del Norte highway in Ciudad Delgado. The actual birth took place in the patients bedroom due to the presence of immediate crowning and increased contractions. Our EMS workers were content after delivering the infant at 6:15pm this past Friday February 25th.  Although the birth was normal, both were taken to the hospital for stabilization. Fotos: CDS

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Veterano Comando Manuel assures patient stability.

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