Rememberance: 1986 Earthquake

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Edgar Jhony Ramos of CDS and other Salvadoran Rescue teams remember 1986.

EMS and SAR team members from CDS and the Salvadoran Green Cross Veteran Association commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the 1986 Earthquake by placing a floral wreath in the downtown building of Ruben Dario.  Many buildings downtown collapsed on victims trapping them and causing many deaths and injuries. Urban Rescue teams endured many nights without sleep recovering victims. Pictured are the mayor of San Salvador, well known professional Héctor Mendez of the infamous “Los Topos” Mexican international SAR team, William Urias of the Salvadoran Green Cross Veterans Association, Edgar Jhony Ramos of Comandos, and “El Piocha” from Salvadoran Green Cross. Foto: CDS/Carlos Fuentes

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