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Comandos en Puyallup

Recently, Comandos de Salvamento International Representatives Mark Hoffman and Josue Martinez were invited by Jeff Pugh, leader of the Puyallup Extrication Team in Puyallup, Washington, in order to give a presentation on the work of CDS in El Salvador. The presentation included photos of CDS during El Salvador’s Civil War, Natural Disasters, Street Riots and Motor Vehicle Accidents over the last ten years. It was explained that El Salvador has only been doing formal extrications with tools like the Jaws of Life over the last nine years and most tools are donated. Mark and Josue also had the opportunity to witness PX team leaders offer hands on training in extrication utilizing a tool called the First Responder HILIFT Jack. Puyallup Extrication Team members actually designed this lift in order to extricate victims of motor vehicle accidents in a safe and efficient manner.

A dialogue has been opened between both institutions in order to possibly have members of PXTeam travel to El Salvador in order to have a cross cultural immersion of EMS in El Salvador and offer training to members of the CDS Vehicular Rescue Squad in the basic use and understanding of the First Responder HILIFT Jack. These future trainings would benefit outlying CDS Bases that do not have access to hydraulic or pneumatic tools and have to resort to manual style extrications that jeopardize efficient patient care.  Comandos de Salvamento are thankful for PXTeam’s hospitality while present at their main base and look forward in welcoming their volunteers to San Salvador in the near future.

Fotos: CDS
Image showing High Lift Jack use: PXTeam

The Following video explains the numerous ways the First Responder High Lift Jack can be utilized.

More Fotos of PXTeam in action here. Web Site here.

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