El Salvador vs. USA

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Today the Comandos were present during the USA vs. El Salvador soccer game at the Estadio Cuscatlan in San Salvador.
Testimony of Gringo volunteer Marco.

I had just bought me an El Salvador Team shirt to camouflage me better and I had my hat on straight in order to avoid stares.
It helped me avoid the infamous “gringo culero” rah (very bad word) that most of my other American brothers and sisters
were enduring . *Cultural note* This infamous “rah” that Salvadorans throw out, is the equivalent to “weak man, or p @%&y”.
Other than the harmless word throwing, the spirit of the Salvadorans was mellow throughout the game and not a single bag
of urine fell upon my head.  I did have to take the constant yelling “faw yuu” of a drunken fan when the U.S. Team fouled about
three players and causing them to be lifted off the field in stretchers.  I was told later the Salvy team were doing this on person
to “make the clock tick faster”.  In the end it was a tie.

As seen below, at one point I thought some of the fans wanted to kick my a$$.

Gringo en Estadio Cuscatlan

I had to be attended to by my comandos brethren Dr. Delgado y Lead CDS EMS educator Luis Kolatto.

DSC 2806

At the end, everyone was happy and mellow. A bright eyed drunk Salvadoran even gave me a hug and told me, “I love yuu”.

DSC 2914

One thought on “El Salvador vs. USA”

  1. That was a great game it had me at the edge of my seat. I thought that the U.S. was going to lose and no they came back. great game

    Fue gran partido, con tanto nervio esperando quien iba a ganar.
    Pense que la USA iba a perder, pero echaron ganas. buen partido.

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