MVA: Deceased Female, Airport Highway

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EMTs from CDS attended an MVA that took place at km 14.5 on the highway to the Comalapa International Airport. The sudden accident resulted with 1 death and 2 injured. The victim was identified as 28 yo Esmeralda Campos. The other injured were 2 yo José Manuel López

Campos who was transported to Bloom children’s Hospital and his 35 yo father Roberto Carlos López Arévalo who was driving the vehicle with license plate number 430-327.

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The car was alegedly speeding, drove off the road and exploded against a tree, even ripping the roots out of the ground.

At impact, Esmeralda Campos lost her life and was awaiting formal identification by Medicina Legal Forensic team. The family was returning from San Salvador on their way to Cuyultitán, located in the La Paz dept.

Thanks to Telenocias 4 for the video footage.

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