Nace Comandos de Salvamento en Cabañas!

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Comandos de Salvamento

Telephone: 2382-3328

Érika Mariana Valencia-Perdomo y Óscar Perdomo León.

Mariana Guardado, Iván Galdámez y Óscar Perdomo León.

On Sunday the 28th of June 2009, Comandos de Salvamento, Cabañas base (CSC), was sworn in by lead personnel out of Base Central San Salvador.

Adrián Benítez
Adrián Benítez, one of the founders of Comandos in "Sensunte", Sensuntepeque.

The truth though is that CDS had already started it’s operations on May 1st 2009 with around the clock 24 hr EMS service.  Adrián Benítez y de Iván Galdámez with the help of some others, bought a 1971 Jeep Cherokee in bad condition, but right away they fixed the most needed repairs, painted it, and have attended to 68 phone calls for assistance around the department of Cabañas.

Ambulancia Sensuntepeque
The main base in Sensuntepeque of Comandos de Salvamento, Cabañas.

CSC is located in a small building owned by Adrián Benítez where he keeps his tire repair shop in Sensuntepeque.  He built a small addition and the floor was cemented via the unselfish donation from José Alfaro (San Jorge Hardware).  Each night, youth volunteers do shifts in this humble yet highly significant station waiting for any emergency phone call.

CDC Ambulancia
The old cherokee that was bought by some true philanthropists.

The act of swearing in was done with all seriousness, hearing first the national anthem and listening to some words from other Comando delegates.

René de Jesús Rivas
Acting master of ceremonies was señor René de Jesús Rivas.
Singing the national anthem of El Salvador.
Niños Comandos de Salvamento
The spirit of helping and love for our country is felt in even the little ones.

Swearing in and Oath taking
Comandos de Sensuntepeque


Comandos de Sensuntepeque

Adrián Benítez
Adrián Benítez could not avoid shedding some tears of joy in realizing the positive response and support to his dream of helping others.
Adrián Benítez
Adrián said some brief words about how CSC was born and of the difficulties they have had to face. He also spoke briefly on his happiness about the project "caminando sobre ruedas".
Iván Galdámez
Iván Galdámez spoke about the CSC organization and the obstacles of the future.

The CSC delegation is formed of the following.

President: Mr. Ivan Ernesto Galdámez.
Vice-President: Mr. René de Jesús Rivas.
Treasurer: Professor Emerita Digna Mejia.
Secretary: Prof. Vilma Antonia Carpio.
Pro-Secretary: Mr. Ernesto Ramos.
Trustee: Mr. Angel Chavez.
First Director: Walter Quinteros Rivas.
Second Supervisor: Dr. Leon Oscar Perdomo.
Third Director: Dr. Erika Mariana Valencia Perdomo.
Fourth Director: Luis Ernesto Marroquín Iraheta.
Fifth Director: Karla Yesenia Barrera.
Sixth Director: Mr. Juventino Hernandez.
Seventh Director: Juan Reynaldo Reyes.
Eighth Director: Professor Ramiro Gallegos.

There are also 30 volunteer youth, who will be volunteering throughout the week in order to fulfill the 24 hr coverage every day of the week.

CSC maintains itself financialy by donations. It is not supported on the munincipal or governmental level.

If you would like to colaborate and contribute to the noble work of helping one’s fellow man, you can do it in many ways.

You can become a contributing partner.   This includes a monthly donation of money.  The amount is one dollar in exchange for this contribution will receive a receipt duly stamped and identified. It is vital that you know that this type of donation is deductible from income tax.

Also, given that some money may be needed at the time of first aid care, (Gas collaboration etc), to meet our basic needs, we invite you to communicate directly with Adrián Benítez (head of  CSC EMTs) Tel: 2382-3328

Financial donation. To serve you better and avoid problems encountered in making donations, you can contact the number above and a representative of CSC will report to your workplace or home to collect your donation, and of course issue a receipt duly accredited.

Delegados de San Salvador.
Delegados de San Salvador, Sr. Lovo y Sr. Cruz, junto a Iván Galdámez.


More News!
Entrevista en el Radio

Some members of CSC were invited by The Genesis Radio Station in Sensuntepeque and were interviewed by radio host Francisco Escamilla.  The Comandos talked about what services are offered and contact information for the community. They also asked for community support and volunteer collaboration.


Comandos de Salvamento sección Cabañas.
Teléfono: 2382-3328

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