A message from a Comando in Canada

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A Comando in Canada sends a message to us all.
A big hug and salute from El Salvador to Claudio!


Friendly greetings, My name is Claudio Lopez, and I was a volunteer with Comandos de Salvamento at the Antiguo Cuscatlan base during 2005-2006.  I thank you all at this time because now I am outside of El salvador and all the training I recieved is helping me now that I am with the Canadian Red cross and soon I will be forming part of the Canadian Emergency Health sustem.  For this, I thank Comandos de Salvamento so much.  If you could do a favor for me, and say hi toeveryone at the antiguo cuscatlan base for me I will be forever thankful.  Another one that I want to thank is Jhonny for his advice and experience, so many thanks to him, I owe everything that I do to him.”

Claudio Ernesto Lopez clau_lopes43@hotmail.com

Edgar Johny" Ramos pictured right on Volcano Chinchontepeq search and rescue of Aviateca Air Crash 1996.
Edgar Johny" Ramos pictured right on Volcano Chinchontepeq search and recovery of victims: Aviateca Air Crash 1996. Johny has been a proud Comando for more than 20 years.

One thought on “A message from a Comando in Canada”

  1. jajajajaja sinceramente me sorprende ver mi correo en el sitio oficial de comandos de salvamento me he quedado sin palabras la verdad recuerdo muchas cosas que han cambiado mi forma de ver las cosas y la sensacion de ayudar a los demas aqui en montreal canada las cosas son mas tranquilas la cruz roja no tiene el derecho de transportar a los pacientes como se hace en el salvador eso hace las cosas un poco mas aburridas pero igual la mayoria de cosas aqui son intoxicaciones por alcool drogas personas inconscientes y diferentes cosas pero la experiencia de comandos sera siempre unica muchas gracias por ese mini homenaje jajajajaja siempre en lo que se pueda estaremos apoyandolos saludos desde canada. CLAUDIO ERNESTO LOPEZ

    hahaha, I was very surprised when I found my email on the official CDS website and I am without words, the truth is I have many memories that have changed my view on how I work with people now here in Montreal, Canada, things are more calm here and the Red Cross here does not have permission to transport like they do in El Salvador. This makes things slightly boring here, most of the calls are intoxicated individuals, but the memory and experience of the comandos will be forever. Thanks for the mini post dedicated to me and we will always be supportive from here in Canada. CLAUDIO ERNESTO LOPEZ

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