Riot 2006: Helping the UMO

This post is also available in: Spanish

This video illustrates the dangerous circumstances that some CDS personnel can find themselves while helping people. Sometimes even under fire.

During the civil war, CDS protected civilians that were caught in crossfires between the FMLN guerillas and Salvadoran armed focers. The infmaous yellow uniform became well known during the general offensive in 1989 in neighborhoods such as Mejicanos and Ciudad Delgado.  After the conflict, and during the 90s and 2000, CDS continued to offer support during street protests and confrontations between riot police and protesters. CDS maintained and continues to maintain strict neutrality when anyone is in need of first aid and medical care.

Viewer Discretion advised: the footage below shows victims of a high caliber weapon during a protest that happened on July 6th 2006 where a protester shot and killed two police officers of the Unidad Mantenimiento de Orden. May be offensive to some viewers.

Below are more images of Comandos offering support to those in need during turbulent events.


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