Mountain Recovery: Red Cross Collaboration

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Puerto Colaboración

EMS Recovery crews from CDS and Salvadoran Red Cross recover the body of a female that committed suicide by jumping off the face of Puerta de Diablo, south of San Salvador. Recovery efforts took a long time due to the 30 meter height of the precipice.

Redacción Diario Co Latino report Translation by Marco Forty year old Delhi Mabel de Montes took her own life this Thursday when she jumped off the highest cliff of the Devil’s door at Los Planes de Renderos. According to preliminary reports from search and recovery teams, the woman was a nurse at the psychiatric hospital and is from Tonacatepeque. Circumstances that led to the suicide remain unknown.  The National Civilian Police are investigating a motive. However, it is known that the sixteen year old daughter of Delmi was disappeared and this circumstance made her very depressed. EMS crews have informed that before jumping off the ledge, she had called friends at work to inform them of her decision to take her own life. This Friday, recovery teams from the Red Cross, Comandos de Salvamento and the PNC worked since 10 am to recover the cadaver that was in a difficult zone to access.

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  1. Dios mio ella fue mi docente en la practica de enfermeria psiquiatrica puchica no lo puedo creer tan buena onda que era la lic todabia me recuerdo cuando estabamos platicando en el hospital ahi donde hacen piñatas los que estan en rehabilitacion que mala onda hay no que pena no llevaba la lic en el corazon para tomar esa decision

    no tienes mas fotos que pongas de ella? o mandamelas al correo si por fa creo que aca les queda mi correo grabado la verdad desearia mucho ver las fotos es que no lo puedo creer ella es la unica con ese nombre y trabajaba ahi en el psiquiatrico ella yo soy de santa ana y nos toca viajar hasta soya para esa practica por fis si tenes mas fotos hasmelas llegar ok

    My God, she was my peer in my psychiatric nursing practicum, oh my I cannot believe, she was so nice, also I remember talking in the hospital where those going through rehabilitation make piñatas, what a shame she had it in her heart to make this decision.

    Do you have any more photos of her? or send them to my mail please, I so much need to see fotos that I cannot even believe it, she is the only one with this name and worked in the psychiatric hospital, she and I are from Santa Ana and we used to travel together to Soyapango for practicums, please send me photos if you have any.

    Sentido pesame por su amiga y colega pero no tenemos fotos de ella.

    Our condolences for your friend and colleague but we do not have any photos.

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