Doctors in Love

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Physicians Julio Orellana and Margarita de Orellana united their hearts in love and now serve their fellow man, woman and child by working with Comandos de Salvamento.  Their role is to attend patients and do medical consults in the Central Base walk-in clinic of CDS.  They also both travel with CDS health brigades to attend to patients outside the capitol of San Salvador. Recently they have been helping those affected by last November’s tropical storm Ida in the department of La Paz. This project is covered in a news report by Colatino.  Both are very proud for being part of CDS. The institution is also grateful for their service and wishes them a happy Valentine’s Day.

Dr. Margarita Orellana tells us how they met..

“I met him in the University of El Salvador, but we didn’t know each other yet.  During clinical rotations in the national hospitals such as Rosales, Maternity, Psychiatric, and Bloom Childrens, we were in the same rotation group.  That started a deep friendship, which before we knew we both were missing.  People and friends that met us said we were a wonderful couple.  Although we seperated during social year, and afterwards due to my work, the love did not die and we got married, now I support him at work when needed, and as we say in El Salvador, *colorin colorado este cuento ha acabado* “They lived happy ever after”.

Fotos Cortesía del Facebook de los Doctores.


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