Muere Bombero Nacional

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Comandos de Salvamento wants to pay respect and offer tribute to lietenant Julián Hernández Aguilar, of the National Fire Dept. of El Salvador. Julián was in a line of duty death while he was putting out an industrial fire at a factory along the El Ejercito Blvd.  Association of Comandos de Salvamento, it’s volunteers, administration and governing board sends their support to the family and coworkers our condolences.

One thought on “Muere Bombero Nacional”

  1. hola les agradezco el homenae q le an dado al teniente Jose Julian y como parte de comandos de salvamento todos lo sentimos.
    Hi, I want to thank you for the entry dedicated to Fireman Jose Julian and being part of comandos de salvamento we all feel the loss.

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