Formando Formadores

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Dr. Antonio Guiote Torres and nurse Luis Albendin García from Andaluz, Spain held a training conference on April 23rd at the Central Base. The course was for Comando instructors under the project titled, “Strengthening Communities for safety and emergent catastrophes in El Salvador”. The objective is for CDS to bring this training to local community leaders in high risk zones throughout the country so that locals can attend to emergencies while waiting for EMS/Rescue teams.

Medicos Mundi Andalucia

The trainers are from Doctors of the World/ Andalucía and work for Critical Care and Emergency sanitation (DCCU) in Granada Spain. It is hoped that this training will multiply the knowledge of laymen rescue workers and volunteers so community members can better respond to crisis events that are common in areas vulnerable to natural disaster.  La página has published an article of the event.

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