La Neutralidad: Evadiendo Pedradas

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Comandos de Salvamento was born out of necessity to help those in need in a country which can become polarized at times during conflict. A Comandos EMS crew came to the assistance of the public last week during a street protest. Mob mentality can take over at times and the Comandos need to stay calm under these extremely tense situations in order to offer pre hospital care to those in need. Patients can include riot police, protesters, or civilians caught in between. As shown in this photo sequence by Mauro Arias Panamá, sometimes Comandos can get stuck in the middle while navigating through edgy situations. We please ask all to respect all Salvadoran EMS instutional workers that offer care during street protests. We are there to help you.If there are foreign entities that may know how to get us some bullet or “tetunte” proof glass windshields, please contact the main base in San Salvador.

Foto Credito: Mauro Arias Panamá

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