Descent and Rise of the Savior 2010

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Every year during the Agaust vacations celebrations, San Salvador take part in the “Salvador del Mundo” religious procession through the streets of the city. some 200 Comando Volunteers took part in the traditional”bajada” -descent of the savior of the world-representing the transfiguration of Christ where they carry a large wooden box with the Christ inside. (More info below)  CDS also had 12 ambulances present in case of emergencies but their main purpose was to carry the statues take at least 40 people to lift. Other institutions including Red Cross, Green Cross, Boy Scouts, and PNC participated. The procession was led by the Archbishop of San Salvador and other assistant priests of different parroqs in San Salvador. This is the main patron saint festival of San Salvador. Fotos CDS. states,

The patron saint and namesake of El Salvador—El Salvador del Mundo (the Savior of the World)—is honored with a national festival. …..The main events of the festival are a religious procession, a large fair, various sporting events, a beauty contest, and a riotous party featuring street floats and dancers. The religious ceremony takes place in front of the national cathedral and entails a spectacle known as la bajada (the descent). This ritual features an old wooden image of Christ that is paraded through the streets and then lowered inside a wooden shell. There the sculpture’s purple garments are removed, and it emerges from the shell appareled in gleaming white robes, a symbolic representation of Christ’s transfiguration. more here.

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  1. es un horguyo ser comando cuando veo las fotos siento una alegria enorme de que puedo ayudar a quien nesecita mi ayuda sigamos adelante compañeros
    I am proud being a Comando when I see these images it makes me so happy that I can help those in most need. Keep up the good work comrades.

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