Basic First Aid Training in Quincy, Washington

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CDS offered a free basic first aid class in Quincy, Washington State in collaboration with the local Community Clinic and the First Baptist Church. More than 25 people learned 1 and 2 rescuer CPR, and how to respond situations that includes bleeding, feinting, fractures, choking, and epilepsy.

The class was sponsored by pastor Jose Magallanes of the First Baptist Church and included immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, and Peru. In celebrating it’s fifty years of existence, Comandos de Salvamento is offering training to Hispanic Communities of Central Washington where there are many agricultural employees that work in the apple, pear, and cherry orchards. We want to formallly thank Ballard Ambulance again for loaning the training manniquins and also Quincy Community Health employees Mary Jo Ibarra, and Kathy Hirschel for assisting in making this class a success. Fotos: Marco

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