Civil War 1981

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On January 10th 1981, the Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberación Nacional started what they called their “final offensive” against a revolutionary military Junta “coup d’etat” that had recently taken over the Salvadoran government. The objective of the FMLN was to over thrown the coup before the taking of the presidency in the USA by Ronald Reagan which occurred the 20th of January of the same year.

The Comandos de Salvamento are documented during this offensive in the new documentary Return to El Salvador by director Jamie Moffet. Together with the Green Cross, they evacuate an FMLN patient involved in a shootout with the Army during the offensive. Upon leaving the scene with Green Cross, the ambulance was stopped at an army roadblock and the patient shot. CDS has numerous EMS experiences during the war, and also during times of peace working separate or along side their EMS comrades from other agencies like the Green and Red Cross.

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