Tomayate River Rescue

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fotografia/el diario de hoy

This morning, 29 yo Ever Antonio Perez Martinez was rescued after falling from a height of 30 meters to the banks of the Tomayate river. CDS rescuer Ricardo Leiva reports that the patient was lucky since a giant garbage pile near the river broke his fall resulting in a few scrapes and bruises. Inhabitants that live where the incident happened, in the small community of Regalito de Dios, old highway to Apopa and Quezaltepeque report that the incident happened possibly around 7pm on Saturday Jan 1 2011, but it was not until later in the morning, when they heard screams for help. At that time, they called CDS who dispatched the SAR group that rescued Ever at 7am Sunday Jan 2 2011. Foto: El Diario de Hoy

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