Double Extrication

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The CDS extrication unit was called out at 1:40am Sunday August 21 when two people crashed their car plates P 586-145, against a wall on antigua street in Antiguo Cuscatlán, a neighborhood in the western part of San Salvador. According to national civilian police authorities present on scene, the driver, 21 yo José Eduardo López, and 18yo passenger Alejandro Javier Aguirre had to be extricated after having fled a restaurant where they allegedly had an altercation and owed 18 dollars. The PNC further state that they were speeding and inebriated although a formal alcohol test was not done. Beer bottles were observed inside the vehicle. The patients were c-spine secured and transported to Rosales Hospital.

One thought on “Double Extrication”

  1. Me alegra saber que la institución a pesar de todo sale adelante gracias a los voluntarios que ponen su tiempo su esfuerzo para mantener la unidad de rescate los felicito y sigan adelante no importa el obstaculo importa llegar a la meta y lograr el ideal.

    I am happy in knowing that the institution, regardless of everything, is moving forward thanks to volunteers that have made the rescue unit an ongoing priority. Good luck, and regardless of obstacles ahead, continue to work through them to maintain your ideals and goals.

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