Cuba 1999

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In September of 1999,  Luis Colato,  Efraím Solis, Roberto Cruz, and Mark Hoffman attended the 5th international conference on Disasters and risk management seminar at the Palace of Conventions in Havana Cuba. We were also invited to see the infamous ELAM, Latin American Medical School in Baracoa the year of its founding. In response to Hurricane Mitch, Fidel Castro formed the school giving full ride scholarships to Latin Americans, North Americans, Haitians, and Africans. The only requirement is that the students return to their country of origin and work with the poor. Since 1999, the ELAM has graduated more than seven Salvadoran classes on the Caribbean Island. For more information about the conference, please visit here, and the school here. CDS were grateful for the time spent meeting Cuban friends and getting to know the culture. We welcome any ELAM graduates  to colaborate with us.

Salvadoreñas Edith Anaya y Jeneatte Melgar del 2nd clase de ELAM con otras compatriotas con sus diplomas en 2006.
Salvadoreñas Edith Anaya y Jeneatte Melgar of the 2nd graduated ELAM class with other classmates with their degrees  at graduation 2006.

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