MicroBus Runs Over Pedestrians

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CDS secured and transported three people who were seriously injured when a bus from route 43 drove onto the sidewalk running them over at the Tiendona market within 100 meters of el reloj de flores. Two of the injured were taken by CDS, 1 by 911 police EMS and two children by a good samaratin. The driver tried to flee but bystanders held him until Law enforcement arrived. The injured were identified as 47yo Antonio Camilo Martinez who later expired at Rosales Hospital, 55yo Carmen Dolores Murillo who is listed in serious condition and Leonardo Aguiñada of uknown age. The National Civilian Police report that the two children, Karla Murillo and Lolita Murillo were gravely injured at the scene. CDS had made public warnings on Friday and Saturday about increased traffic since it was payday weekend. Foto Credit: CDS

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