Comandos Increase Resources for First Responder Need

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Patient with possible fractured pelvis is attended to by CDS EMS first responder.

El alto nivel de delincuencia y los accidentes de tránsito son las emergencias que se atienden diariamente en Comandos de Salvamento. The high numbers of patients due to deliquency and Motor Vehicle Accidents are increasing every day. Gunshots, stabbings are an everyday occasion. Many patients every day are brought to hospitals by Salvadoran EMS services.

Motorcycle accidents have also increased due to unaware and sometimes disinterested drivers that do not care for those that ride on two wheels.  Comandos de Salvamento is one of many EMS teams throughout the country that are always on alert due to motor vehicle accidents, especially during times of rain and storms during rush hour traffic. CDS always recommends that traffic laws are obeyed and to yield to all motorcycle drivers in order to prevent tragedies.


Julio César Menjívar, of 37 years, trying to manage getting ran over by a vehicle near 50a. Ave. Nte. in San Salvador.
Julio César Mejívar, is packaged and secured.
An accident in Soyapango left one injured.
Comandos de Salvamento attends an MVA along the Carretera de Oro a la altura de Soyapango, where patient Gilberto de Jesús Cisneros, of 31 years of age, presented with many fractures.

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