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Comandos de Salvamento supporting the patient. .

Rescuers from Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador attended to an injured person during a brawl that erupted over a plate of food in the vicinity of Parque Libertad, in San Salvador.

According to reports, a person who apparently has mental health issues was having lunch when Luis Ernesto Rivera, 51 years old, in an argument, threw the plate of food at him and was subsequently attacked with a branch, causing injuries to his skull.

The volunteers from Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador arrived at the scene of the incident and stabilized Luis Ernesto Rivera, whom they later transferred to Fosalud de San Jacinto for medical assistance.

According to authorities, the aggressor was apprehended by the National Civil Police.

This is the second case reported in the capital city that resulted in injuries. Yesterday, two people were injured with a knife in another brawl.

PNC detained the aggressor.

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