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CDS first responders battled for several minutes to try to save the life of a young driver who apparently lost control of his car and crashed into a tree located on the edge of the Pan-American Highway, at the height from El Congo.

For several minutes the victim remained trapped between the twisted iron of the car, however, upon the arrival of the rescuers, the vital signs of the person were very weak, despite the effort made to free him, the young man lost the battle.

Our Extrication team concluded their work and minutes later the body of the young driver was released and handed over to the police authorities for recognition by forensics

DOA and Injured in Multiple MVAs

Various Motor Vehicle Accidents took place today the first being Comandos de Salvamento de Zapotitán reporting they attended a young male involved in a fatal motorcycle accident at the turn of towards San Juan Opico.

The scene in San Juan Opico.

Another three patients were attended to and transported to higher level of care that involved the CAM ) Cuerpo de Agentes Metropolitano) from Antiguo Cuscatlán when a driver under the influence crashed into CAM’s vehicle. Both drivers were secured and transported. The incident took place at 2:30 am this Sunday along Calle Antiguo a Ferrocarril de Antiguo Cuscatlán

CDS responding to the injured CAM officer.

CDS Urban Rescue squad attended an extrication when a truck crashed into a bus. This accident took place along the Panamerican Highway near the Colonia La Palma de San Martin.

Our Extrication Specialists on scene in San Martin.


Scene of an injured motorcyclist.

Friday night gave us quite a few EMS runs to attend to Motor Vehicle Accidents spread out across San Salvador.

Along the 10ª. Avenida Norte y la 29ª. Calle Oriente, a young 22yo Isaí Salomón Batres knocked off his bike and luckily with a helmet on only suffered minor injuries and was attended on scene by our EMTs.

A four year old is brought to Childrens Bloom Hospital.

Minutos después sobre la 10ª. Avenida Norte y la 11ª. Calle Oriente una ambulancia del Hospital Nacional de San Francisco Gotera, Morazán, colisionó contra un vehículo de alquiler, dejando al menos cinco personas lesionadas entre ellos ambos conductores.

Only minutes after, an ambulance from the National hospital in San Francisco Gotera Morazan crashed into another car causing at least 5 injured including a 4 year old boy.

Shortly after that along the Troncal del Norte highway near KM marker 10, a male was DOA due to being ran over.

Ambulance vs Taxi was only one of the scenes attended to this Friday night.


Comandos de Salvamento first responders in action.

An MVA caused by a truck losing control caused many injuries on the main street, “called a Mariona” in front of the local jail Penal la Esperanza recently.

Some of the patients CDS transferred to higher level of care: José Anderson Flores, 5; Ashly Verenice Flores, 2 months old,  Blanca Estala García, de 27 años; José Santos Flores, de 30 y Carlos Antonio Rauda, de 53.

Many of our ambulances were dispatched to attend this Mass Casualty Incident. Many of the those affected were local street sellers that had businesses on the side of the street.

An EMT attends to one of the local sellers affected.


An MVA involving public transport causes 10 injured

Socorristas de Comandos de Salvamento auxilian a una de las lesionadas.
Microbús de la ruta 109 se estrelló contra un poste del tendido eléctrico.

Around 10 civilians were injured during a collective motor vehicle accident involving routed 109 and 113 . EMS from Comandos de Salvamento used four ambulances to transport the patients

Cerca de 10 lesionados deja el accidente.
La zona dejó sin energía varios sectores.
Los lesionados fueron ingresados a los centros asistenciales.
Tres de los lesionados fueron ingresados a la Clínica de Emergencia de Comandos de Salvamento.
Una paramédico de Comandos de Salvamento auxilia a una mujer lesionada.
4 ambulancias de Comandos de Salvamento intervinieron en el percance.

Comandos de Salvamento and Airforce Ready for Semana Santa!

EMS pratical emergency simulation.

Con el objetivo de medir la capacidad de respuesta de los jóvenes socorristas y rescatistas de Comandos de Salvamento realizó un simulacro sobre la carretera Panamericana sobre el kilómetro 28 a la altura del desvío de San Juan Opico. A simulated accident took place so that Comandos de Salvamento and the FAS, Salvadoran Airforce could show and practice their skills before Holy Week.

An extrication was planned and they exercised practical knowledge of extrications and on scene first aid. This April 1st their skills will be put to the test since many accidents happen during Holy Week and CDS work will be documented under hashtag #yorespondo2018.

Más de 2 mil voluntarios prestarán auxilio a los turistas nacionales y extranjeros.
La capacidad de respuesta ha sido superada por los socorristas
Fuerza Aérea y Comandos de Salvamento unen esfuerzos para el auxilio de víctimas en accidentes graves.
Los conocimientos de atención son parte importante en los percances viales.
Comandos de Salvamentos listos para las vacaciones de Semana Santa.