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Children of EMS workers from Comandos de Salvamento in El Salvador receive gifts.

Representatives of the group of photographers of the Hace Clic Center and of the Holy Family Parish, St. Benedict Church, delivered toys and cakes to the children of the volunteers of Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador.

The children enjoyed delicious cakes and drinks, as well as toys that were donated by members of the Holy Family Parish, who took their valuable time to spend with the children who joyfully received dolls and cars.

Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador has hundreds of volunteers who dedicate their free time to the service of others, sometimes leaving their children behind in order to serve the community.

For this reason, the members of the parish and the photographers of El Centro Hace Clic joined forces to bring joy to each of the children of the EMS workers of Comandos de Salvamento de El Salvador.

The event was donated by El Centro Hace Clic and Holy Family Parish.
There was cake and toys.
Cakes were given to the children.
All the children received their gifts.


Por la Seguridad, Ricardo Segura Chicas.

Ricardo Segura Chicas, a dear friend and volunteer of Comandos de Salvamento has passed away.

For decades, Segura, as he was known at our main base, wore the yellow uniform, giving firsthand coverage of accidents and natural disasters as a photojournalist. Leaving his job at Diario Colatino, Ricardo went to the headquarters of the Comandos as a volunteer and lead photographer.

He also took part of our motorcycle EMS response team and carried his camera for these events that included rescues and emergencies.

He hold his work in the highest regards and his service to our institution. He dedicated a good part of his time to the service of the community.

For more than a month, Ricardo presented health problems, for which he was admitted to a national hospital where yesterday afternoon he lost the battle and now rests in peace.

Comandos de Salvamento of El Salvador, are in deep mourning for the death of this great man, who, on International Volunteer Day, was called to the presence of the Lord.

Strength be to his family, friends, colleagues from the national and international press, as well as the volunteer personnel of Comandos de Salvamento, who will miss forever miss his presence.


A sad Christmas for this great loss.
Ricardo with all of his friends at Diario Colatino.
Always willing to help the needy.
Ricardo Segura recieves his medal of honor as a volunteer in 2018.

Urban Chronicles 6: Carlos Hernández Reyes

Starting with a poem I wrote dedicated to the work of Comando Doctor Carlos Hernández Reyes, the artist Alecus evolutionized the idea in presenting Carlos’ new role in the afterlife,-to become a true Guardian Angel, after being one on earth as a dedicated CDS volunteer.

Credit: Alecus

Translation: “Guardian Angels”
Doctor Carlos leaves the main base after working the night shift at the walk in clinic. It was 11:53am.
Carlos: Why me?
Angel: You have done many great things during your life. You worked hard to become a doctor. You loved your family. You saved many lives without recieving anything in return, you rescued many people in danger, (Angel takes Carlos to heaven), you have been called to continue saving lives.. You will be one of us.