Comandos Plans for the August Festival

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Fiestas Agostinos Desfile
Ciguanaba y Cipitillo-Agostinas 2009: Archivo de Comandos

The Association of Comandos de Salvamento will be offering support to the public via the following schedule between Aug 1 and the 6th in order to maintain vigilance during the traditional August celebration dedicated to the Saviour of the world.

Aug 1 Eight ambulances and 50 EMS workers will participate in the Correo parade, thus inaugurating the festival.

Aug 6th until 1am. We will have a base of operations at the Feria located in the place -el predio Don Rua in the neighborhood of San Miguelito.

Aug 3. 10 Ambulances and 60 EMS volunteers will participate in the comercio parade. Volunteers will be ready in the event of any emergencies that present themselves. They will be all over the city.

Aug 5. We will accompany the procession of the Savior of the world representing the transfiguration of Jesus to the front of the Cathedral in San Salvador. 20 ambulances and 100 EMS workers will be present.

Aug 6. Participación de socorristas en la Misa concelebrada a celebrase en la Catedral Metropolitana de San salvador. Volunteers to be present at Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral in San Salvador.

Comandos de Salvamento, faithful to offering attention to the Salvadoran Community and will also be ready if problems arise due to possible heavy rains.

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