Newly Trained Vehicle Extraction Rescuers

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Twelve new EMS members were trained in Vehicle Extractions and recieved certificates of acreddidation as members of the CDS Rescue Brigade. The official ceremody took place this last Saturday at the Central Base “Yolanda Elizabet Ramírez” EMS training school. Co-participants in the act were Norwegian Linda Olson from Peoples Norwegian Aid, and North American Paramedic Devin Price. President and Treasurer of Comandos- Wilmer Lobo and Efrain Solis, leader of the rescue brigade, Roberto Pacheco and technical instructor Julio Rivas were also present.

The work these experts participate in deals with patients that are trapped within vehicles during accidents. The team leaders also announced future trainings in specialties such as High Angle Verticle Rescue in order to train future CDS generations.

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  1. felicidades este es el fruto de su esfuerzo
    agradecimiento a la junta directiva .y facilitadores por su apoyo

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