Best Carne Asada in the Country

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The Comandos have been enjoying eating out at the best outdoor downtown cafes since they have existed.  International Volunteer Mark Hoffman has known about this special ¨carnitas¨place since 1996 when he volunteered with EMS workers Edgar Jhonny and Luis Colato. On Dec 14th, during breaks between emergency calls, the Comandos again relived the great taste of the hula hula by eating carne asada at carnitas hula hula outdoor cafe. Unfortunately the cafe is not in the safest of places. A grenade incident that took place a few days later resulted in 16 injured patients 2 of which presented with acute injuries and one that expired on the way to the hospital. More info here.

Pictured are EMS workers  Kolato, Ignacio, Marco, Arnulfo and Franklin.

Comandos y Doctores atendiendo a las victimas.
Comandos and Doctors attending to victims.

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